Monday, April 10, 2006

Intro Post

My brother became a vegetarian three years after I did, when he was first entering college. Like myself, he became a vegetarian before he learned to cook, so the lifestyle has meant a changed view of food and of cooking. This blog is my initial attempt to gather recipes and tips for Eli and all the other college students and first apartment-types who are learning to cook and need to produce fast, yummy, and nutritious meals with a minimum of fuss or equipment. We'll see how it goes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thought this was a joke... it's not, your the shit

9:35 AM  
Anonymous julie said...

i agree....take a whiff because rebecca is the pooh

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous was me by the way... can you post that fretatta (sp?) recipe


5:26 PM  
Anonymous mom said...

lovely- you do write really well.

8:08 AM  

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