Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Many apologies

I've been gone for awhile, for a variety of reasons. Several weeks ago the GF, who took the lovely photo of the sliced tomatoes below, started packing to move back to Singapore, taking her knowledge of my camera and her best-ever sesame noodles with her. This would have been stressful under the best of situations, as neither of us is particularly good at packing or, for that matter, figuring out how to move one's entire belongings to the other side of the globe. Then, during one of Boston's recent tsunamis, her room flooded and was rendered unfit for mankind, or even her cat. And then... well, actually, the string of incidents ain't all that interesting. Suffice it to say I'm back, I'll start posting again tonight, and will figure out my camera as well as the sesame noodles recipe so we can get back to before.

I've gotten a request to provide some information on artichokes, one of my favorite vegetables. Please, if any of you have any questions on anything food-related, feel free to send a question in. I'm also thinking of making a sidebar listing favorite cookbooks, if that would be helpful. Anyway, sorry for the long-ass delay, and check out Mark Bittman's piece on grilling eggplant in today's Times.


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