Saturday, October 21, 2006

Baking the Blues Away

I've been a little aimless lately. Since coming back to New York, I've been on exactly one job interview, for a job that I liked and thought that I would be good at. While waiting to hear back, I'd stopped actively looking for jobs and started keeping an eye out for new furniture, and planning work outfits for my new, fabulous job. Then the other shoe dropped. I didn't get the job. It has occured to me for the first time that it might be really hard for me to find one, and that it might have been a bad idea to give up a steady, if not always interesting, job to pursue my still-nebulous dreams.

So I've turned to what ever distraught girl does in a time of crisis -- started baking. Constantly. (For those who are wondering, I have indeed managed to gain back the weight lost in India.) I've found the world's best scone recipe, which blows the pants of all those gross, heavy, doughy blobs sold in yuppy bakeries. I've also spent several afternoons baking leek- and pumpkin-filled Turkish turnovers that I then proceed to eat at all hours of the day. It's just about the yummiest form of depression possible.


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