Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Simple, Easy, and Cheap

I was horrified when I discovered, a few days ago, that a good friend of mine subsists entirely on Chinese takeout, leftover pasta with meatballs (from her mother), and toast. Although utterly broke, she generally buys her food from restaurants instead of simply buying groceries, and then, from time to time, actually cooking things.

Her excuses? She doesn't have time, there are no groceries in the house, and she doesn't know how. I have no real advice for those unable to go grocery shopping (except that there are now numerous online grocery services, but there are plenty of meals that can be made in a little time and with a minimum of skill.

And even those without a full pantry generally have eggs. I've posted a few egg recipes here before, but I've realized that it's not enough. The best place to start cooking for those of us without high cholesterol, large bank balances, or oodles of time, is with a couple of eggs. At about a dollar a pound they're cheap, full of protein, unintimidating, and able to take on any number of flavors or textures.

A few links to start us off:
*Martha Stewart's guide to boiling an egg and for another take, the Wikipedia take on boiling eggs
*Today's Mark Bittman column on the glories of eggs, complete with incredibly yummy-looking recipes
*A few basic recipes from Elise, such as deviled eggs, poached eggs, egg salad sandwiches, and spinach frittata.
*Delia Smith's egg recipes

More recipes will be posted later.


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